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Date: 10-Apr-2014

SI facility for SARAL users:
Now SARAL users can register Standing instruction for funds transfer, third party transactions and inter bank transactions through e-Services >> Standing Instruction link available in CINB Saral Interface.
Search Beneficiary feature for Corporate Regulator and Administrator:
Search Beneficiary feature has been introduced under Manage Beneficiaries > Same Bank Beneficiary / Other Bank Beneficiary > View/Delete tab available in CINB Regulator and Administrator Interface.


Advantage (Khata) - Most suited for small firms, companies, institutions banking with one branch of SBP.
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Advantage Plus (KhataPlus) - Most suited for firms, companies, institutions banking with multiple branches of SBP.
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CINB-SARAL A simplified, single user Corporate Internet Banking facility for small entrepreneurs.
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Privilege (Vyapaar) - For Small and Medium sized Organisations. Small user group with discretionary access and discretionary rights.
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Freedom (Vistaar) - For Large and Very large Organisations. Access to accounts across branches with a single sign on.
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